[[email protected] ~/work]$ scripthaus help overview
^ScriptHaus v0.5.0

ScriptHaus is a command line tool that helps you organize your scripts and bash one-liners into self-documenting markdown files.

* Stay Organized - Store your bash one-liners in simple markdown playbooks * Save Commands - Easily save a command from history to run or view later * Execute - Run your commands and view documentation directly from the command-line * Never Forget - Store history by command and playbook, including options, date, cwd, and exitcode * Share - Save your playbooks in github and share them with your team Commands: run - runs a standalone or playbook script list - list commands available in playbook show - show help and script text for a playbook script add - adds a command from your history to playbook history - show command usage history help [command] - describe commands and usage [[email protected] ~/work]$